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February 14, 2017

E Pluribus Unum: The Top Ad Campaigns That Bring Us Together


Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on, I think we’d all agree that we’re living in tumultuous times.

It’s not a surprise that anything seemingly kumbaya is met with opposition and backlash. But here at Nebo, being kumbaya is pretty important to us. We believe that diversity and inclusion are what make our country, and our company, great.

February 10, 2017

What It Means to Live Our Values: A Cynic’s Take

dog with glasses

I jokingly like to refer to myself as Old Man Slutzky. While I in no way feel old, 2017 will — terrifyingly — be my 20th year of working in advertising. With this, I have had a number of jobs over the course of my career. Independent of various freelance gigs, Nebo is my seventh full-time agency job.

And while I have only been here a little over three months, I feel like I have found something profoundly different. And in turn, quite meaningful.

January 31, 2017

Can Artificial Intelligence Make Marketing More Human?

The topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning is making headlines across the world. While everything you know about AI may have come from Westworld, it’s a market that’s growing and being adopted by multiple industries. Right now, the AI market is estimated to reach $5 billion by 2020 (up from a mere $5 million in 2014).

With examples of machine learning like Facebook’s chat bots, Amazon’s Echo, Tesla’s self-driving car and IBM’s Watson gaining in popularity, companies in many fields are trying to figure out how they can use new AI tools to their advantage and to get ahead of competitors.

But what does all this mean? The way some marketing and news outlets tell it, if you’re a student right now studying web design, graphic design, journalism, advertising, or even fields outside of marketing and communication, you’ll likely be out of a job before you graduate. In fact, we all may be out of a job.

And it’s easy to see where that depiction of the future comes from.

January 26, 2017

13 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest Foreign Commercials

I’m Dutch. I lived in the Netherlands my whole life, went to school there, the whole nine, until coming to college in America. Right at the top of my list of FAQs is “Why don’t you have an accent?” and then “So what are the differences between Holland and America?” Most of the differences are immersive rather than things you can just explain. But one hard difference stands out: the commercials.

January 19, 2017

Should Messengers of Fake News Be Held Responsible?


When it comes to controlling search results, SEO specialists walk a fine line. Many consider SEO to be the process of “manipulating” search results by making methodical edits to websites so they will rank higher. “Manipulate” is such a negative word though. Yes, Google instructs SEO specialists on how to “manipulate” its search results, but that doesn’t mean we should falsify or misrepresent our websites. We aren’t trying to deceive search engines into ranking us higher.

However, in the wild west of the internet, there are parties out there with less admirable intentions. After both the Brexit and the US election, a hot topic emerged: fake news.

This time, the public was being manipulated.