How Self-Driving Cars are Shaping the Future

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Source: The Victoria Advocate (1957)

The past year has been a turning point for the way people travel, and for the way we think about cars. From live tests of self-driving cars to the development of autonomous mobile grocery stores, consumers’ relationship with vehicles is rapidly changing.

Thanks to emerging technologies such as high-performance GPS and artificial intelligence, the transportation landscape is shifting overnight, and it’s poised to change everything from consumer expectations and behaviors to city infrastructure.

How are people spending their time in cars when they don’t need to have their hands on the wheel?

Will people still leave their homes to shop, or will the local coffee shop roll up on wheels outside their home?

How will city infrastructure like parking decks and lots adjust? What will happen in rural areas?

Will teenagers still be able to sneak away to their friends’ houses without their car ratting them out to their parents?

With all these questions, we began seeking answers. And from our findings, we’ve written a series of trend papers starting with the basics and going all the way to outer limits of possibility.

Take a look into the exciting and potentially dark Future of Transportation with our first trend paper, which covers the basics of technology and AVs, how driverless transportation will affect advertising and retail, and the possible pitfalls of driverless cars.

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Written by Bennett Travers on May 4, 2018


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Written by
Bennett Travers