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Introducing Paid Media Coffee
Season 1 | Episode 0

Introducing Paid Media Coffee

In our intro episode, meet our host, Nebo’s VP of Paid Media, Kelly Mancuso, and her co-creators, Haley Stauffer and Casey Baker, as they explain the idea behind our podcast...
Insights from Nebo.
September 23, 2020

The Magical Combination of UX and Paid Media

In too many organizations, UX and Paid Media are distant departments. Sure, they bump into each other in the kitchen, and maybe they work together on a landing page now and then. But for the most part, these two teams are seen as separate entities - and major opportunities are missed.  When UX and Paid Media come together, magical things happen. In fact, the combination of razor-sharp targeting strategy and human-centered user experience just might be what keeps advertisers steady through the ever-evolving, rapidly changing landscape of marketing that’s unfolding today. 

September 18, 2020

Social Media Toolkit: Video Sizes and Formats

If you know social media, you know video rules over all other media types. The storytelling power conveyed in a video is unmatched. It is efficient in reaching your audience and driving engagements for your brand. There’s nothing like motion to stop someone from scrolling through their feed and focus on the magic of a well-crafted video. Catching on?  Video is a powerful tool that can help elevate your social performance. We have combined the brains of a social media specialist and a paid social specialist to give you insight into how to best use video through both organic and paid social. Check out our guide on video best practices for organic social and the available paid placements for each social media platform. 

September 10, 2020

Voice for a Better World

As the voice landscape and consumer use has grown, so have the spaces where voice has integrated into other experiences. Most voice integrations are purely functional: for example, Waze for iOS recently adding Google Assistant integration.  Then, there are the more innovative crossovers with voice. Twitter's audio tweets merge social and voice. And Snapchat's voice scan feature allows users to search filters with their voice.  In the audio streaming landscape, Spotify launched voice-activated campaigns and Pandora moved interactive voice ads into beta testing. Amazon is pushing its vision for the grocery store of the future by adding Alexa devices to answer shopper questions in store.  Innovation in voice promises to change the way we shop and make decisions. But there's still a larger opportunity to make voice experiences that are a force for good.