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Introducing Paid Media Coffee
Season 1 | Episode 0

Introducing Paid Media Coffee

In our intro episode, meet our host, Nebo’s VP of Paid Media, Kelly Mancuso, and her co-creators, Haley Stauffer and Casey Baker, as they explain the idea behind our podcast...
Insights from Nebo.
July 4, 2022

Nebo’s 4th of July Hot Dog Bonanza

Here at Nebo, we love any excuse to go hard for a holiday — big or small. On Pi Day, we give out a grand prize for whoever can recite the most digits of Pi by memory. Neboween is a weeklong celebration of games and over-the-top costumes. Thanksgiving is a two-part affair (Thanksgiving Lunch, followed by Leftovers-giving). Even National Ferret Day gets its very own Zoom background.

June 30, 2022

A Better World Starts with Awkward Questions

There was a distinct moment when I decided I would no longer try to hide or tiptoe around being gay (although tiptoeing would have been one of many things giving me away). It was my prom night. The year was 2004, and I was a lanky seventeen-year-old. A guy I didn’t know asked me: “Are you gay?”

June 3, 2022

Adult Field Day = Everybody Wins

Working remotely has its perks, but there are some experiences that just aren’t the same over Zoom. We’ve faithfully practiced even the smallest traditions to get the most out of our human-centered culture through a two-year global pandemic, like terribly singing Happy Birthday together at every Beer Friday meeting. Still, there’s no substitute gathering and there’s certainly no way to create a virtual version of our (infamous) annual holiday party.