Nebo’s Blog Rewind: 2020 Edition

At the end of every year at Nebo, we wrap things up with a recap of our top blog posts. But this year’s recap is, as they say, “a little different.” This year’s rewind shows us more than just a list of our top posts — it’s a snapshot of 2020.

In just twelve months, we’ve seen both incredible progress and unthinkable loss. We’ve experienced kindness, uncertainty and Netflix on levels we never knew existed. As the old saying goes, it was the best of times, it was the really really worst of times. And we documented it all on the Nebo blog.

From peanut butter sandwiches to historic cultural moments to tips for staying close to coworkers when we’re far apart, check out our top posts of the year. Then, put 2020 where it belongs: in the past.

10. Brands, Binging and Beyond: The Future of TV Advertising

9. Spread the Word: Peanut Butter Sandwich Day Is Officially a Thing

8. Nothing Will Stop Us from Celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day. Nothing.

7. 5 Ways We’re Connecting with Coworkers During Social Distancing

6. What It Means to Be a Human-Centered Project Manager

5. Resources and Best Practices for PR & Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

4. The Secret HERstory of Beer

3.  How Advanced TV Is Revolutionizing the Way We Advertise

2. An Unbiased Look at Tableau vs. Google Data Studio

1. Make Your ‘Gram Game Stronger with These Instagram Story Tricks

Written by Chelsie Rivera on December 28, 2020


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Written by
Chelsie Rivera
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