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Chelsie Rivera
Associate Director of Content
August 19, 2022

The World Is Ending (and 4 Other Reasons to Join TikTok)

I may be four years late, but I finally made it. I’m on TikTok. And I hate to say it but… I like it.

July 4, 2022

Nebo’s 4th of July Hot Dog Bonanza

Here at Nebo, we love any excuse to go hard for a holiday — big or small.

On Pi Day, we give out a grand prize for whoever can recite the most digits of Pi by memory. Neboween is a weeklong celebration of games and over-the-top costumes. Thanksgiving is a two-part affair (Thanksgiving Lunch, followed by Leftovers-giving). Even National Ferret Day gets its very own Zoom background.

May 26, 2022

Cheers to the Holiday Nobody Asked for: Chardonnay Day

For no real reason at all, I’ve always avoided Chardonnay. Something about it just feels so nineties, so Girls Night Out, and not in the nostalgic Sex and the City reboot way. 

In short, Chardonnay feels passé.

But a few weeks ago, with the Pinot Grigio out at the bar, I ordered a glass of Chardonnay — and to my surprise, I enjoyed it. It was crisp, refreshing and just slightly fruity. I found myself asking: do I like Chardonnay??? And why is this wine so divisive among my millennial friends? 

March 8, 2022

Breaking the Bias This International Women’s Day

Each year on March 8, Nebo celebrates women across the world for International Women’s Day — and this year, we went big. We invited Atlanta artist Tori Evert to paint a custom work of art for the office, so we can celebrate women year round.

The official theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias, a call to forge a world free of stereotypes and discrimination. With this theme in mind, we sent an office-wide survey asking everyone at Nebo what they’re doing to break the bias and what women’s empowerment means to them. The answers we got were so powerful, we passed them along to Tori to use as creative inspiration for her design.

February 25, 2022

National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day Is Extra Sweet This Year

It’s that time again—National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day! Otherwise known as our annual excuse to get together and go nuts. (Get it?) 

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