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January 4, 2019

2019: The Year to Make Your Email Strategy Stand Out

It’s that time again! The end of another quarter and calendar year means it’s goal planning season, baby. And what better way to plan for those end-of-year meetings than gaining some serious knowledge about the top trends in your industry?

Out of all the different digital marketing channels that strengthen the relationship between brands and consumers, email is the best (I only have a small bias). Not only does email have the opportunity to be your organization’s most intimate form of digital communication, but it also continues to outperform other channels, and not to mention, be integrated with those channels to improve metrics all across the board.

December 27, 2018

Murals, Mental Health and Making a Difference: The Top 10 Posts of 2018

Welp. It’s finally here. The end of 2018. Another year in the books for this crazy world we live in. And just like years past, we never ran out of stories to tell.

IRL, 2018 has been … entertaining, to say the least. There was the royal wedding. Laurel and Yanny became the new “blue and black / white and gold” dress. Office productivity plummeted one day as the world watched a racoon climb a building. IHop tried a weird new thing with burgers. And we all lost a little faith in the future of humanity when kids started eating Tide Pods.  

Same rings true for the Nebo blog in 2018. This year we covered everything from agency life and industry tips to mental health and (yes, you probably guessed it) our furry, four-legged friends.

So, as we prepare for a new year (and start making predictions on what kids will eat in 2019), take a look back at the posts that topped the charts in our countdown of the most popular stories of 2018:

December 19, 2018

How to Master Social's Secret Weapon: The Instagram Story

*Mic test* Hello. Are you looking for Gen-Z attention? Well, hear it first-hand from me. If you want us to follow, you gotta get with the times. Lol.

I am what you’d call an “avid” Instagram user. I care, more than the average adult, about the aesthetic and growth of my personal Instagram account. And I’m here to tell you why brands should too.

December 14, 2018

Adobe vs. Google: The Analytics Showdown of the Century

Ah, the question that will haunt us marketing analysts in perpetuity: which tool is better, Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics?

A lot has changed for both platforms recently. They’ve been in the weight room, working on their composition. Adobe and Google announced integrated analytics clouds in the Adobe Analytics Cloud and Google Analytics 360 Suite, respectively. These new innovations have made the competition even stiffer, begging the question once again: which platform is better?

December 6, 2018

Two Years Ago Today, I Said Goodbye to The Greatest Copywriter that Never Was

Today is the two-year anniversary of my dad’s passing.

The ‘polite me’ feels the need to say, “It gets easier over time,” or “We’re just happy he’s in a better place.” But, no. It sucks. The only sugar-coated saying that has actually resonated with me is, “We’re thankful for the time we had.” Because, if not for him, I wouldn’t be a writer.

November 27, 2018

Make a Difference This Giving Tuesday (And Get Amazing Art, Too)

Each year we launch holiday season campaigns. Most are Black Friday or Cyber Monday-focused, but they’re always fun, challenging and, of course, a bit stressful. But as marketers, that’s our job. It’s our prime time, so to speak.

However, we don’t always get to make the world a better place with our holiday campaigns. This year we do.

We had the honor and privilege of working with IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) to launch their 2018 year-end giving campaign. 

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