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May 31, 2018

How Agencies Ushered in Factory Farming

Before I throw stones at others, I’ll throw one at myself. I’m guilty. And Nebo is guilty. As much as I want to believe we’re pure and a force for good. As much as I want to believe we’re against suffering and stand for the rights of others. As much as I want to believe we’re changing the world for both humans and animals, even in just small ways.

We’re still guilty.

May 22, 2018

Promoting Content on Social — The What, The Why, and The How


On social media, we've been seeing massive declines in organic reach, which has been resulting in equally massive increases in social posting. But posting more frequently doesn't automatically mean a growth in engagement — in fact, it's almost the opposite. It's time for brands to stop focusing solely on organic reach, and start investing in the things that will actually grow their followings: promoted social.

May 17, 2018

Can Atlanta Be the City It Aspires to Be?

future of atlanta

Here at Nebo, we’re big fans of Atlanta. Not Donald Glover’s "Atlanta" (though I think many of us are also big fans of the show), but the actual city.

Atlanta is the city that facilitated Nebo’s 14 years of growth, so of course, we want to see it thrive.

It’s the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States by population and the tenth-largest in terms of GDP.

It’s the city where Bobby Petrino became a villain and Nayvadius Wilburn became Future.

It’s also a city on the cusp of a metropolitan tipping point: affordable enough to be accessible for everyone, but cool enough to attract celebrities and start-ups. We’re approaching the point where we can either embrace our chicness and send rents skyward, or remain affordable and compete with Oklahoma City for the “Kind of Cool, I Guess” award.

On its surface, urban development doesn’t seem like an issue for a digital marketing agency to worry about. Really, though, it’s an issue that everyone needs to care about.

May 11, 2018

An Ode to the Mothers of Nebo

An Ode to Nebo Moms

Mothers make the world go round. They’re the ones who made Nebo come to life — literally. They brought us into this world, made sacrifices we couldn’t imagine and worked tirelessly to give us the things they never had. Without them, we wouldn’t be the talented designers, writers, marketers and humans that we are today.

And truth be told, our moms are also some of our most devoted blog readers.

They like and share like it’s their job. They leave lots of nice comments and fight off internet trolls (at least my mom did). And even though they’re still using Internet Explorer, they read entire blog posts about analytics — whatever that is — because they love us that much.

So this Mother’s Day, we’re honoring the moms of Nebo with a blog post all about them. We asked our employees to submit their favorite stories about their mothers. Some are touching, some are funny, and all of them remind us of why our moms are the best.

We included a few of these amazing stories below, but you can click here for the complete collection.

May 4, 2018

How Self-Driving Cars are Shaping the Future

Driverless Car Image

Source: The Victoria Advocate (1957)

The past year has been a turning point for the way people travel, and for the way we think about cars. From live tests of self-driving cars to the development of autonomous mobile grocery stores, consumers’ relationship with vehicles is rapidly changing.

Thanks to emerging technologies such as high-performance GPS and artificial intelligence, the transportation landscape is shifting overnight, and it’s poised to change everything from consumer expectations and behaviors to city infrastructure.