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November 23, 2018

8 Holiday Campaign Tips for Marketers & Advertisers

Adorable Holiday Puppies

For marketers, the holiday season is an insanely exciting (and stressful) time of year. We’re bringing our best ideas to life. We’re using all of the MarTech tools in our arsenal. Our media buys and targeting strategies are in full swing. We’re just waiting to crush our numbers and roll into the next year feeling like marketing heroes.

However, we have to remember that we’re really not that special. Every marketer is saturating every channel with their marketing and advertising campaigns.

The consumer, who holds all the power (and is getting blasted with marketing messages and ads across every possible place their eyes glance), doesn’t really think your Black Friday deal on light bulbs is really that special. 

November 15, 2018

Giving Thanks to UX: How My Job Made Me Better at Holidays with the In-Laws

How much could user experience design possibly relate to holidays with the in-laws? Turns out, a lot. And my hope is, maybe it can help you too this year.

Recently, someone asked me if it was weird spending holidays with my in-laws. I answered honestly: No. It’s not, and I enjoy spending holidays with my husband’s family. I got back a look of mild surprise – like I was just saying that for nice, easy conversation.

That got me thinking about why holidays with in-laws are hard for us. Why do I enjoy the holidays with my in-laws, why isn’t it taxing for me? Then it struck me – I create experiences for a living. It’s what I do every day. Maybe I’ve subconsciously taken the spirit of UX and applied it to my life outside of work.

November 7, 2018

Discovering SEO’s Holy Grail: Organic Share of Voice

Ah, share of voice. Even if you only have a basic understanding of marketing, you’ve probably come across the term at least once. Everyone wants more of it. But they don’t seem 100 percent sure what “it” is.

So what is this “share of voice”? How do you track it? And, most importantly, why should you even care about it?

October 31, 2018

Agency on Haunted Hill: Nebo’s 14th Annual Halloween Bash

It’s our 14th annual taking-Halloween-way-too-seriously celebration here at Nebo. And, as always, we’ve got ghouls and gags galore.

We’ve decked the halls with undead decor…

October 25, 2018

How Self-Driving Cars Are Shaping the Future of Advertising

Retailers will have to do a bit more than giving away free puppies to get consumers to get off of their couches and into brick-and-mortar spaces.

Source: The Victoria Advocate (1957)

So you might be wondering, “Why is a marketing agency telling me about autonomous vehicles?”

Well, first of all, this stuff is cool. But secondly, we believe it’s our job.

Why? Because thinking outside the box is how we catch opportunities and anticipate crucial shifts. So we stay up to date with the world around us — not just the marketing and web design space.

October 18, 2018

The Ultimate Wolf Pack: Social, Content and SEO

We typically think of social media in a vacuum: get cool, creative content for a month, share, boost, rinse, repeat. We’re churning out content left and right, hoping it catches your eye and makes you click, and then moving on to the next big thing. But, it’s a little depressing when you think about the numbers.

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