Take That, 2021: Our Top 15 Posts that Slayed this Year

Oh, 2021. 

You may not have done us as dirty as 2020… but you were still a BEAST. 

And with beasts, come those who slay.

At Nebo this year, we did our darndest to do you dirty, 2021. Get outta here, quarantine burnout. Hit the road, WFH woes. And to all the things that don’t make us better humans — take a hike.

Check out how we’ve used these times as an opportunity to slay the shit out of this weird year in our top 15 posts of the last 12 months.

And thank you, 2021, for making us stronger. Cheers to seeing ya never!

15. Reading the Room - Tips from the Project Management Toolbox

14. The Great Agency Debate: Should Copy or Design Come First?

13. The Fleeting Moments with Twitter Fleets

12. How Music Provides Us with Comfort, Growth and Guidance

11. The Art of Project Management: Telling Client Wants from Client Needs

10. Stop Serving Fluff: A Writer’s Guide to Brevity

9. The True Cost of Excluding Black Voices in the Workplace

8. The Ultimate Guide to Guides: Elevating Your Brand with Instagram’s Latest Feature

7. 5 Tips to Establishing a Trusting Relationship With Your Clients

6. It’s Time to Start Using Conflict to Your Team’s Advantage

5. Why RuPaul Charles Is the Queen of Advertising

4. Nostalgia Marketing Goes Back To The Future

3. Reflections on Our Two-Week Year-Long WFH

2. Two Changes I Made During COVID-19 That Made Me a Better Project Manager

1. Post-Quarantine Burnout Is Real—Here’s How to Avoid It




Written by Anna Morgan on December 27, 2021


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