National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day Is Extra Sweet This Year

It’s that time again—National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day! Otherwise known as our annual excuse to get together and go nuts. (Get it?) 

Nothing brings people together like peanut butter. In the days of yore, when we still put on pants to go to work, gathering round the Nebo kitchen to make complementary PB sandwiches was a lunch break pastime. In fact, we love peanut butter sandwiches so much we created an official national holiday in their honor. It was February of 2020, and little did we know that would be our last in-person celebration at the office. 

This year, National Peanut Butter Sandwich Day is extra sweet—and not just because we’re stocking the office with marshmallow cream, chocolate sprinkles, hot honey and more to make the best PB sandwiches ever. It’s also because these little legumes are bringing us back together for the first time in two years. 

Here’s how we’re spreading the love of legumes with an extra crunchy celebration. And if you’re having some hangry FOMO, check out our PB Sandwich Generator for some funky ideas to make your own at home. 🥪*sandwich cheers*🥪




Written by Chelsie Rivera on February 25, 2022


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Chelsie Rivera
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