Here’s How We’re Celebrating Our Favorite Haunted Holiday: Neboween

What goes bump in the hours between nine to five? Neboween, of course.

The name might sound funny, but don’t let that fool you. Neboween is the spookiest day of the year here at the office, complete with zombie babies, fairweather fans and the most frightening thing of all: Nickelback playing on loop. 

From our costume contest to our scary scavenger hunt, check out how we’re celebrating Neboween from our haunted home offices.

Biggest merger in insurance (mascot) history!

JoJo Siwa Coming at Ya' Like a Boomerang

Camera on a Tripawd.

Poison Ivy (aka Dr. Pamela Isley)

Bowie (Timmy) Turner



Mickey Mouse

The Dead Pirate Julep

See the rest of our spooktacular costumes on Facebook!

Written by Chelsie Rivera on October 29, 2021


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Chelsie Rivera
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