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Bennett Travers
May 4, 2018

How Self-Driving Cars are Shaping the Future

Driverless Car Image

Source: The Victoria Advocate (1957)

The past year has been a turning point for the way people travel, and for the way we think about cars. From live tests of self-driving cars to the development of autonomous mobile grocery stores, consumers’ relationship with vehicles is rapidly changing.

Thanks to emerging technologies such as high-performance GPS and artificial intelligence, the transportation landscape is shifting overnight, and it’s poised to change everything from consumer expectations and behaviors to city infrastructure.

February 23, 2018

Consumers and Culture: Three Trends to Consider

Every other week, we at Nebo gather together for Show and Tell to exchange tools, tips and trends across agency departments. Topics range from cool campaigns and social media updates to culture and tech trends. These conversations allow us to stay current on audiences and digital trends while bringing fresh thinking on different topics relevant to our clients and their business goals.

This week we wanted to give you an inside look at some of the top trends we’re keeping our eye on and thought starters for how you can apply them too.

February 8, 2018

The 31 Trend Guides You Need Today for a Better Tomorrow

After many four-day work weeks (thanks ATL snow!), everyone’s finally back in the groove of regular 2018 office life. For me this means catching up on all those pre-holiday emails I flagged then promptly ignored. Reading through them now, it seems like every other one is a titled something like “Our B I G G E S T Influencer Predictions for 2018” or “Our Top 4 Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2018.”

Announcing trends in culture, society and technology is an annual tradition among agencies, consultancies, social media platforms, news companies and market intelligence groups alike. While some trends reiterate changes seen the previous year, other predictions show a massive shakeup of known industry landscapes.

To help with your cultural intelligence and planning for 2018 and beyond, we’ve curated 31 publicly available global trend reports, decks and articles for you to explore.* If you know of any great ones we missed, feel free to send them our way!

November 29, 2017

Did Apple Just Resurrect QR Codes?

“Let’s add a QR code” may sound like a bad marketing punchline or the nightmare of an ad exec in the early 2010s, but it’s a phrase coming soon to an office near you. While it feels like we just got rid of them, QR codes are returning, stronger and more determined than a hoard of Demogorgons.

November 10, 2017

The ABCs of Tech

Think you know what “android” means? Think again.

Today’s technology is progressing faster than ever, and with each new innovation comes a new set of words to describe how they’re changing our world. But tech terms are tricky. They change faster than you can say “autonomous vehicles.” And since many technology terms have become mainstream (and in some cases, overused), marketers may believe they know the meaning when, in fact, they’re sorely mistaken.

To help clear things up, we’ve compiled an encyclopedia of the tech buzzwords of today. We suggest you read it now, because who knows what innovations will come tomorrow.