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November 5, 2019

The One About Slack Ruining Productivity

Twenty-three minutes and 15 seconds. That’s the length of a “Friends” episode — and also how long it takes to refocus after being interrupted, according to widely supported research by the University of California.

Enter Slack. 

Slack, a team collaboration tool that makes it easy for us to share cat pics and ask for unscheduled things immediately, is an interruption generator. Making strides on your presentation? Not so fast. There’s a cake in the kitchen and someone has a “quick” question about a project you worked on two years ago. 

Then there are GIF important conversations about decisions GIF that will impact an entire GIF project GIF GIF peppered between jokes, so GIF silencing notifications is not GIF an option. 

How do I feel about all of this? I’m fine, in the most Ross-is-not-okay kind of way. 

October 31, 2019

A History of Halloween at Nebo

Some things never change, and Nebo’s love for Halloween is one of them. 

We love to get stupid and spooky on this most hallowed day of the year. It is tradition that Halloween at Nebo is extra af, and it’s been that way since waaay back in the day. Like, since dressing up as Tom from MySpace was relevant. 

These days, we proudly display our over-the-top costumes on Facebook. But Halloween at Nebo long predates the Zuck. We’ve been doing Halloween right since 2004, and today, we’re traveling down Memory Lane to the intersection of Elm Street to take a look back at some of our spookiest moments.

October 24, 2019

iOS 13’s New Privacy Features Mean Big Changes for iPhone Users and Marketers

Apple iOS 13 was released in September, and with it came a slew of new privacy features. In an era of increasing digital privacy concerns, this is great news for Apple customers. However, these changes are making major waves for digital businesses that are trying to connect with and understand their audiences.

Marketers especially will feel the effects of Sign in with Apple, enhanced location privacy settings and default tracking changes in Safari. These are likely to impact not only the collection of first-party data by businesses, but third-party user tracking for digital advertising purposes.

We’re here with a rundown of all the new privacy features Apple has to offer and how each one will affect consumers, businesses and marketers.

October 16, 2019

The New Age of Email

Email marketing is often misunderstood. When people ask me what I do and I tell them I’m an email marketing specialist, the first (and most frequent) response I get is “Oh, so you send all those spam emails? I hate you.” Or “Oh, so you just send emails all day? That’s easy. I wish that’s all I had to do.”

This is annoying for a number of reasons, but mostly because it seems that no one really appreciates (or understands) the effort that goes into making a good email.

We live in a time of rapid growth and innovation. Take AI for example, which has completely changed the way we approach everything from social listening to media buying. New tech is transforming everything digital.

Can that be said for email as well?

October 15, 2019

Labor of Love: Designing for Atlanta Pride

This past Sunday we marched in the 2019 Atlanta Pride Parade, complete with our very own, lovingly made parade float. Naturally, as soon as I found out about this very special project, I was ON it, mocking up designs, thinking of theme concepts, choosing materials and, of course, thinking about the perfect playlist.

Today, I’m so happy to use my love of design to participate in Pride. But it wasn’t always this way.