Nebo’s Most Haunted Halloween Yet

What’s more hair-raising than election season, murder hornets and accidentally un-muting your mic on Zoom? Halloween at Nebo, of course. 

In times like these, the spooky celebrations must go on. Every year, we at Nebo take this haunted holiday way too seriously, and this year was no different. Our team kept the spirit of Neboween alive (or should we say undead?) with a virtual monster mash of pumpkin carving, scavenger hunting, creepy costumes and bloodcurdling good times. 

Check out how we celebrated the scariest day of the scariest year ever.

Where's Waldo


Harry Potter

The Rose Family of Schitt's Creek, Ontario

A Furry Hershey Kiss

Jackie O' Lantern

Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

Little Bo Peep and Jessie 



Maurizio Cattelan's $120,000 Banana

Superman and Wonder Woman

The Childlike Empress / Moonchild - The Never Ending Story

See the rest of our spooktacular costumes on Facebook!

Written by Chelsie Rivera on October 30, 2020


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Written by
Chelsie Rivera
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