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Jack Scullin
October 30, 2015

Candy, Costumes, and Craziness: Neboween

It started in 2004, when Nebo was a small newborn agency in Atlanta. But it’s stood the test of time, just like we did. The proof?

October 9, 2015

Why I Buy Crap

Bamboo threaded pillow with Peruvian feathers and Persian stitching gives you the perfect night’s sleep. One click, sold. Wait, I already have a pillow!

I buy shit. And I mean the kind of shit you open, take out of the box, skim the directions, and then throw in the closet to dustify. I shop like a cat chases a string. I pursue, but as soon as I have it, I lose interest and move on.

August 27, 2015

5 Ways To Stay Creative

Many creative endeavors are throttled by mental blocks and distractions, but there is always a way to get past them. I may be an unpublished novelist and frustrated opera composer, but I have learned how to always stay creatively active.

In my beginning attempts to become an “artist”, I would hit that halfway point while writing an opera scene or short story and slam into an imaginary brick wall. I would sketch a musical piece or work on a writing outline just to throw the fifth or fiftieth attempt in the trash. After the garbage can started to look like a paper ball landfill, I would abandon the project for a little reality television, but I’d be left with a nagging, unsatisfying urge to get back to work.

After years of refining my process, however, I’ve discovered five essential techniques that helped me keep my wheels on the long and winding road of artistic creation. Use these tricks to help unlock that hanging idea and turn it into something worth a pat on the back.

July 20, 2015

The Client Isn't Always Right

When it comes to crafting content, there’s a misconception in agency life that writers are yes men. After all, the client knows best.

And to some extent, the client does know best. They know their brand, their purpose, their goal, and their product like the back of their hand. As an agency, and as writers, of course we want to make our clients happy. We want to help them succeed in every way we can.

But what about the times when the team knows best?

June 10, 2015

The Road to Achieving & Surviving Iconic Brand Status

Last summer, I found myself at a Fall Out Boy concert. My inner middle school self was really excited. The older me was a little hesitant.

Back in the day, I loved FOB. In fact, I’ll unabashedly admit that I still do. I have both new albums and thoroughly enjoy them. But the band was an instrumental part of my youth (pun intended). They helped me through teen angst. They understood me… much to my parent’s dismay. Their music was the soundtrack to my life — my life back then. After their brief stint of popularity, they took a hiatus. And once they were back, I just wasn’t sure it would be the same.