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December 1, 2011

Niche Search: Where People Are Searching When They Aren't Searching on Google - Pinterest!

If you haven't heard, MC Hammer is starting his own search engine. Yes, that MC Hammer. His search engine, WireDoo, is a comedic reminder that there are other search options available besides Google and Bing. However, there are also quite a few interesting, alternative sites that are a bit different from the major, typical search engines. These places provide a more abstract, qualitative experience that, for some, is more interesting than the qualitative algorithmic search engines. Over the next few weeks, Nebo Agency will be exploring some of these niche sites that people use when they aren’t searching on Google.

First up: Pinterest!

November 21, 2011

First Annual Nebo Agency Chili Cook- Off

As the weather begins to cool down, even here in Hotlanta, the Nebo offices have elected to stay warm with one of our favorite comfort foods, chili. The First Annual Nebo Agency Chili Cook-off was held today, pitting officemates against each other for the prize of the Golden Ladle.

Some brought the heat. Others brought the sweet. And some just brought some left over pork they had in the fridge. All shared some wonderful dishes that were enjoyed by everyone. Here are the recipes from today's event for you to enjoy and share. Oh, and if you feel like you have an award winning recipe (or would like to challenge us to a throwdown), talk to us in the comments below.

November 21, 2011

Nebo Shows Office And Shares Secrets During Web Visions Event

Last week, Nebo Agency played host to a large group of marketers, consultants, designers, user experience designers, and educators as part of the Web Visions Event. Web visions is a global interactive event that explores the future of the web and mobile design, technology, user experience, and business strategy. The event is held in cities all over the world including Atlanta, Portland, New York, and Barcelona.The Atlanta leg of the Web Visions Event took place November 17-18, and included tours of interactive studios in the city, panels and presentations by experts in the interactive space, and a Mobile Hackathon for Social Good. Nebo was more than happy to extend some of our southern hospitality during the event, showing off our space and sharing a taste of our secret sauce.

November 9, 2011

Pet Rescue Week Continued: The Ballad of Bandito

This week Nebo is sponsoring a digital dog adoption and we're focusing on pet rescue stories from our office.

Today's story is about a little kitten named Bandito. As ridiculous, cliché, and romantic as it seems, sometimes cats really do get stuck in trees. Just ask our president, Adam, who was in disbelief when he found his cat, Bandito.

November 8, 2011

Digital Dog Adoption Drive: Octane's Story

Sometimes it seems like animals can sniff out Nebo Agency employees, knowing we could never turn our backs on any creature in distress. That seemed like the case with Octane, a loveable dog with a delicate condition who found its way over to our offices a few months ago.

November 7, 2011

Adopt A Dog. Save A Life.

Nebo’s love affair with dogs began a few years ago when we found a pup named Cami. Abandoned by her owner and wandering around a pre-reinvigorated West Midtown, full of desolate, cold, abandoned buildings, she made her way to our parking lot. We fed her, got her shots, and made her part of our family. Now she stands as the sweet, beautiful and fearless first lady of Nebo.

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