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Introducing Paid Media Coffee

The paid media industry moves quickly with innovations and new platforms evolving and being created at an intense pace. Paid media professionals are spending as much as 10-25% of their time focused on education. 

In our intro episode, meet our host, Nebo’s VP of Paid Media, Kelly Mancuso, and her co-creators, Haley Stauffer and Casey Baker, as they explain the idea behind our podcast. 

Grab a cup of coffee with us as we dive into the world of paid media. 

Kelly: Hey everyone, Welcome to paid media coffee a podcast by Nebo. I'm your host Kelly Mancuso and on today's intro episode. We'll be talking about the background of the podcast how it came to be and also talking about what you can expect to hear in our future episodes today. I'm joined by our co-creators: Haley Stauffer and Casey Baker. 

Casey: Hey!

Haley: Hello.

Kelly: Thank you for both being here and also for creating this podcast. I'm gonna go ahead and throw it over to Casey. Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us about how paid media coffee came to be? 

Casey: Thanks, Kelly. So, my name is Casey Baker. I am a paid media associate here at Nebo and I've been at Nebo for a little over a year now and I've enjoyed my time at Nebo so far. I've had the opportunity to touch a bunch of different media channels. So, I've done a lot on paid search, touched a lot on paid social and then more recently I've been able to dive into the media buying side of things. The podcast came to be because I have an hour-long commute into work, which is not ideal.

Casey: Yeah, and I only live one mile from the office 

Kelly: Atlanta traffic. 

Casey: So, I'm always listening to podcasts in the car. I'm and I'm always looking for new podcasts or a new paid media podcast to listen to... 

Kelly: Casey is so great because she's not just listening to murder podcasts all the time. She's actually listening to podcasts that are furthering her knowledge in her career. 

Casey: Yeah, and it's really showed right, Kelly. 

Kelly: Yep. 

Casey: Exactly. So the paid media team here at Nebo, we meet once a month and we go over paid media trends and new things that are coming out within the industry. And so how it works is everybody on the team brings one article or new update they want to share with everybody. 

Haley: Casey you're bringing in a podcast. 

Casey: Yes. Haley's correct. I have been sharing podcasts with the team over the past few months. And so as I was sitting there sharing these podcasts with the team and while I was sitting there kind of learning and growing from everybody. I had the idea of transforming these, what we call, paid media coffee sessions, into a paid media coffee podcast. Then just for some background, the reason the name came to be as Haley's reminded me right now as she's sipping your coffee, is because we all before we start our session go grab a cup of coffee and just kind of sit and nerdily talk about paid media.

Haley: I guess it's nerdy. 

Casey: Because we love it. 

Casey: And as we sip our coffee, we talked about paid media tips and trends and industry things. 

Kelly: Something that's so cool about those meetings is that you know, the industry is so broad. There are so many different channels and things and everybody on the team has a different area of expertise and area that they are a little bit more drawn to and so everybody brings their own unique insights and so we really get a lot of information that spans the whole industry whether it's you know, the latest update on Google search campaigns that we need to know about or a brand new digital out of home DSP. That was just released that you know, we need to learn about or a really popular campaign that a brand released that we want to gain inspiration from.

That really covers a wide variety of things 

Haley: This is Haley. One of my favorite things about our paid media coffee sessions is that we all work on a ton of different types of clients and a lot of the things that we talked about that maybe someone is working on can apply to someone else and that's one of the great things about having a podcast is. Potentially the stuff that we're working on could help you and your digital strategies as well. 

Kelly: Exactly. And that's a really good segue Haley and to be talking about on the podcast. Why don't you tell us about yourself and about the future of Paid Media Coffee podcast? Great. 

Haley: Hey everyone. I am Haley. I am a paid media manager here at Nebo. I've been in the industry for three years, much like Kelly and Casey, I've gotten a lot of experience working on a ton of different channels: paid search social and display. But my favorite and something that I've been focusing on more recently has been paid social.

So, Casey and I have been working for a while on creating paid media coffee the podcast and we have come to the decision to create a seasonal podcast with each season talking about one main topic and then each episode under that season supporting that topic. Seasons can be about big trends happening in paid media, laws that can affect us like GPPR, stuff that you need to be aware of, tips and tricks, how to prepare for the holidays anything that.

It relates to paid media and can help support you and your clients. The podcast will be great for you to sit down stay updated and paid media trends widen your knowledge and grab some coffee. Grab some more tea or water or whatever.

Kelly: It might be maybe a glass of wine. But our goal with this podcast is really to have a good blend of of content that touches both strategic discussion, but also technical recommendations so that you can stay informed and create a point of view.

On the things that are going on in the industry, but also take specific action items and apply these recommendations directly to your campaigns and test them out for your own clients or for your brand if you're on the client-side, so we're really excited to bring this to life. As you're listening if you have any questions or want to share your own experiences or just any general thoughts or comments, please email us at

You can also rate review, like, subscribe to the podcast and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy recording it. Thanks so much.

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