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Emily van den Berg
Senior Email Marketing Strategist
October 31, 2022

The Return of Neboween (in person)

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You read that right, folks. After two years of celebrating Halloween virtually, we’ve finally brought it back to the office, and boy did we bring it. 

From our annual Costume Contest, to lunch, to the highest-attended Beer Friday since February 2020, to the Haunted Hunt, to a reprise of Harry Potter trivia, we had all the hallmarks of a Neboween Well Celebrated. 

September 8, 2022

What’s the Top ESP? We Surveyed 1,000 Email Marketers to Find Out

Does your current ESP drive you crazy fail to support all your email program needs and desires? Are you considering migrating to a new ESP, but feel overwhelmed by all the platforms available? Or perhaps you’re just wondering what an ESP even is, and if investing in one is worth it? 

February 4, 2022

Celebrate Black History Month by Supporting These Black-Owned Businesses

February is Black History Month. We celebrate this month every year at Nebo, and every year we take a different approach. In the past, we’ve hosted weekly movie screenings, featuring films by Black creators. We’ve used Slack to share Daily Doses, which are bite-sized educational pieces for every day of February. And for the most part, we’ve focused on education and celebration. 

But this year, our focus is on taking action locally — A.K.A., putting our money where our mouth is. 

May 21, 2021

Post-Quarantine Burnout Is Real—Here’s How to Avoid It

Since 1949, May has been Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. It’s a good time to break down stigmas, advocate for proper mental healthcare and, most importantly, take the time to check in with yourself. And this year, that’s true more than ever. 

March 8, 2021

International Women’s Day: To The Women Who Inspire Us

Nebo is chock-full of incredible people. I can say that with authority because I get to work with them every day. Everyone here is smart, compassionate, empathetic, and all the other adjectives that describe amazing humans. But none of us spring from the womb fully formed — we’ve all been shaped by the other people in our lives. So for International Women’s Day, we asked the people of Nebo to tell us about the women who inspired them or made a profound impact on their lives.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all the women who have helped us grow into the people we are today.