What’s the Top ESP? We Surveyed 1,000 Email Marketers to Find Out

Does your current ESP drive you crazy fail to support all your email program needs and desires? Are you considering migrating to a new ESP, but feel overwhelmed by all the platforms available? Or perhaps you’re just wondering what an ESP even is, and if investing in one is worth it? 

Finding the right email service provider can help you build your mailing list, engage with subscribers and relate to your audience in an authentic way. 

However, the ESP landscape is notoriously large, complex, difficult to navigate and ever-changing. There are tons of email service providers to choose from. Each has unique price plans and variables, complex automation capabilities, differences in deliverability rates, design tools and more. With mergers and acquisitions, new ESPs popping up and ESPs writing their own comparison guides, it can be difficult to find a comprehensive and unbiased comparison. 

So we set out to create our own! We put together a selection of the best solutions currently available, all meticulously tested and analyzed.

You’ll find: 

  • What an ESP is, and why you need one 
  • Common ESP functions and features
  • Which ESP may be right for your business
  • ESP pros and cons
  • A printable worksheet to help you choose an ESP

We started by polling email marketers to get honest feedback about their ESPs (a tell-all of all their likes and dislikes 👀). Then we cross-referenced their feedback with secondary data collected from industry leaders, including Litmus, an email testing software that prides themselves on being an unbiased third party. Finally, we blended in our own expertise and insights and curated a guide made just for you.

In our Comprehensive Guide to Selecting an Email Service Provider, we break down every single thing you need to know about ESPs, from which one is the right fit for your business, to pricing and functionality considerations, and pros and cons directly from your peers. We have included a printable worksheet and we even detail how to help you identify which ESP can take you to the moon! Just kidding…(or are we?) 

Written by Emily van den Berg on September 8, 2022


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Written by
Emily van den Berg
Senior Email Marketing Strategist