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Drew Grossman
January 8, 2016

Writing My Most Private Thoughts Made Me a Better Writer & Person

People rush off to meaningless jobs day after day, you see them coughing in the subways at dawn. They squander their souls on things like rent, decent clothes, gas and electricity, insurance, behaving like peasants who have come out of the fields and are so dreadful tickled because they can buy baubles and doodads in stores.

 -Jack Kerouac, 1948, age 26, author of On The Road

Today is a great day. I woke up to a steady, beating rain outside. I love a rainy Sunday. Uh oh, gotta go to the bathroom.

-Drew Grossman, 2015, age 26, author of Pumpkin Drewskis: Drew’s Take on Pumpkin Brewskis

The sentences above are taken from the journals of two writers. One is a Nebo copywriter and the other is a 26-year-old who, up to this point in his life, hasn’t published much and lives with his parents.

To use the word “writer” to describe us both may be overly generous to my case, but that’s not all we have in common. We also both journal (or journaled). Most good writers journal, from Hemingway to Kerouac to Kafka to David Foster Wallace.

December 18, 2015

Guess Who's in Town? It's Your Crazy Uncle!

Regardless of religion, for many of us the holidays mean time with family. If your family is like mine...actually, no. Scratch that. If your family is real, not pretend and not a Norman Rockwell painting, you probably have a few personalities. Or eccentrics. Or weirdos. Lord knows I got ‘em.

These are the uncles who take family gatherings as an opportunity to pitch their newest, most exciting business idea. “It’s like Uber but for air conditioning repair. Get it? It’s an app. Boom! Right?” Or it’s the cousin who’s been working the campaign of a Republican presidential candidate no one has heard of. “CNN won’t let us debate—not even the undercard. You know why, right? You know why? (You don’t ever answer because you don’t want to encourage him.) They’re scared of the truth telling. It’s a revolution, man.” Maybe it’s not your side. Maybe it’s your partner’s aunt. The one who shows up to every family gathering sporting a new husband (“He’s your uncle now!”) and a smattering of children between the ages of four and 16.

November 24, 2015

What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie Says about You

A coworker of mine, Cassie Kaye, said something last week that really disappointed me. We were in the Nebo kitchen talking jive and getting jazzed for Thanksgiving when someone brought up pies. Naturally, I got excited because I love pie. Then Cassie spoke up.

According to Cassie, the best Thanksgiving pie is apple. Apple? What the shit? How is apple a Thanksgiving pie?

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the pie in my eye is pumpkin. To me, pumpkin pie is the quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. I was surprised to find my fellow Neboers did not feel the same.

November 13, 2015

Meet a Creative: Jake Burk

We've got some pretty cool cats at Nebo. Okay, let's be real... everyone at Nebo is a cool cat! And while you hear from us copywriters quite a bit, we want to show you the other men and women behind the curtain. So we're kicking off our "Meet a... " series. We'll be interviewing different team members around the office and highlighting them on the blog. First up: Jake Burk.

October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Drewskis: Drew’s Take on Pumpkin Brewskis

When craft beer mart Hop City announced its first shipment of pumpkin beer for the 2015 season on July 24, the reception was mixed. Hop City is a favorite of Atlanta’s serious beer drinkers, and some among them thought July too early to roll out the seasonal ale.