Guess Who's in Town? It's Your Crazy Uncle!

Regardless of religion, for many of us the holidays mean time with family. If your family is like mine...actually, no. Scratch that. If your family is real, not pretend and not a Norman Rockwell painting, you probably have a few personalities. Or eccentrics. Or weirdos. Lord knows I got ‘em.

These are the uncles who take family gatherings as an opportunity to pitch their newest, most exciting business idea. “It’s like Uber but for air conditioning repair. Get it? It’s an app. Boom! Right?” Or it’s the cousin who’s been working the campaign of a Republican presidential candidate no one has heard of. “CNN won’t let us debate—not even the undercard. You know why, right? You know why? (You don’t ever answer because you don’t want to encourage him.) They’re scared of the truth telling. It’s a revolution, man.” Maybe it’s not your side. Maybe it’s your partner’s aunt. The one who shows up to every family gathering sporting a new husband (“He’s your uncle now!”) and a smattering of children between the ages of four and 16.

These are the crazies. And they’re great. They’re the ones who break out the sleds at two in the morning. They spike the eggnog. They taught you how to pick a lock with a credit card. The crazies make a $300 flight to Ohio in the winter time seem worth it.

As you enjoy the holidays with yours, we wanted to share some stories of our times with ours. Meet the Crazy Uncles of Nebo.

My Crazy Uncle from Nebo Agency on Vimeo. Video produced by Asher Emmanuel.

Written by Drew Grossman on December 18, 2015


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Written by
Drew Grossman