99 problems, but more notifications isn’t one of them

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We’re in a consumer-empowered world now. They don’t need more notifications, they need better ones. We can help. 

Email, SMS, chatbots and other messenger-based marketing channels have the potential for the highest ROI of any channel. Why? Because they’re awesome. We no longer live in a world of one-way messaging, Myspace IM or mass e-blasts, when your morning routine started with a cheery “You’ve Got Mail!” In fact, we’re lightyears ahead. 

No other platforms give you the ability to be as personal, intimate, or intuitive as you can be with messaging. Every message you send is hyper-personalized, adds value, and brings together what you want and what your customers need, all to create a wonderful experience that your customers want to have. Everyone you’re communicating with has raised their hand and said “I opt in.” They’ve already reciprocated interest! Where else do you get that kind of in? 

But none of these communication methods stand on their own. To be truly successful, you need an integrated, strategic and cohesive messaging and communication strategy that spans across every touchpoint. You have to think through the best way of communicating in every situation — sometimes that’s an email, sometimes it’s SMS, and sometimes it’s best to have instant communication with a chatbot on your site. 

Ultimately, when you think about your advanced messaging programs, it should be “and,” not “or.” And Nebo does “and” with the best of them. And our audiences love that.

Services and Specialties

  • Program Audits Program Audits
  • Personalization Personalization
  • Database Management & ESP Consulting Database Management & ESP Consulting
  • Email & SMS Campaign Management Email & SMS Campaign Management
  • Acquisition Strategy Acquisition Strategy
  • Content Strategy Content Strategy
  • Strategy & Planning Strategy & Planning
  • Testing & Performance Optimization Testing & Performance Optimization
  • Marketing Automation Marketing Automation
  • Transactional Message Management Transactional Message Management
  • Deliverability and Email Inbox Placement Strategy Deliverability and Email Inbox Placement Strategy
  • Audience Insights & Segmentation Audience Insights & Segmentation
  • Cross-Channel Integrations Cross-Channel Integrations
  • Analytics & Reporting Analytics & Reporting