Office Dogs, 90s Nostalgia and Marketing Tips: The Top 16 Posts of 2016

happy dog wearing a new year party hat with confetti falling

As another year comes to a close, we’re taking a break from our year-end holiday shenanigans serious client work to reflect on everything 2016 brought our way. Like everyone else, we celebrated our wins, mourned our losses, and drank a lot of beer in between.

Per usual, we documented our thoughts on the Nebo blog. We tackled everything from personal lessons learned to digital trends, with a few posts about how awesome we are tossed in the mix for good measure. What we learned was that the things that are important to us were important to you, too — like naming our new President, commenting on opportunities in our industry, and playing a lot of Pokémon Go (shoutout to the dedicated people still trying to catch ’em all).

Before we officially say goodbye to 2016, let’s take a moment to celebrate the top 16 posts on the Nebo blog. Then we can pop some champagne and ring in a new year!

16. The Art of Project Management and Saying No


15. How to Win Enemies and Influence People Who Hate You


14. 8 Ways to Evolve Beyond Tactical CRO

Life cycle of common birdwing butterfly from caterpillar

13. Marketing Redefined: Creating and Cultivating Connected Experiences


12. The Immense Power and Potential of PR and Advertising in the Age of Millennials

Little superhero sitting on top of wall

11. How Marketers Misuse Data

Misused Data-header

10. The Marketer’s Master Guide to Excel

Little seven years old girl with a handmade superhero disguise.

9. Why are This Year’s Back-to-School Ads All the Same? Blame 90s Nostalgia!

90s teenage mutant ninja turtles

8. UNC’s Reputation Was Impeccable Until It Wasn’t: How the University Emerged from a PR Crisis


7. The Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting

The Difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting

6. The Advertising Paradox: Leading in an Industry That Objectifies My Gender


5. Overcoming the Challenges of Virtual Reality

Futuristic smart glasses

4. The Danger of Losing Your Creative Self


3. The Story Behind Kimm Lincoln Being Named President of Nebo

Nebo 12th birthday

2. The Pokéssaince: How a Google Startup Revived Pokémon


1. Dog-Friendly Offices: 40,000 Years in the Making

girl petting dog at work

Written by Cassandra Kaye on December 27, 2016


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It plays into a misconception that anyone can teach if they know a particular subject and that it is not really necessary to first learn about curriculum, classroom management and instruction.

Nice story it is, thank you for sharing..

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