How Our Office Dogs (and Cats, and Babies) Are Celebrating 4th of July

As we enter month five of working from home, we at Nebo find ourselves asking, will this ever end HOW ARE THE OFFICE DOGS DOING??? 

Have we mentioned how much we love dogs at Nebo? They bring light, love and the occasional accident to our workdays, and over the last few months we have missed them dearly. But there is one silver lining to this apocalyptic WFH marathon. Now that home is the new office, we have tons of adorable new coworkers. We’ve widened our creature collection to include office dogs, office cats and even office babies.

This Independence Day, we decided to check in on our cutest coworkers to see how they’re celebrating at home. Happy 4th of Jul-awww!


Huck is ready to shake in the name of liberty and justice for all.



Luca and Meatball, America’s wrinkliest national treasures.



Elle dons the Stars and Stripes.



Finn Captain America, America-ing as usual.



And, of course, Cap’s biggest fan, Chloe. 



Baby Jesse arrived just in time for the 4th of July shindigs.



All-American cutie Layla is kicking it corgi style.



Gizmo is one star-spangled stud. 



Molly strikes a patriotic pose by the lakeside. 



Timber waves Old Glory with style.



Goose, Bubba and Ellie exercise the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of cuteness.



Three yankee doodles went to town in this kiddie pool. 



Fashionista Sophia steals the show with her patriotic resort-wear collection.



Mars totally not being forced to pretend she’s at a fireworks show. 



Last but not least, Bella shows us how she really feels about the world right now.

Written by Chelsie Rivera on July 2, 2020


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