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Good is the enemy of great. And great takes research.

You poured your blood, sweat, tears, countless hours and a whole lot of budget into your business. So why leave success up to chance?

There’s only one way to ensure your hard work pays off: good old-fashioned research.

Without it, your campaign is running on hope alone. And we don’t mean any research. We mean deep-digging data sleuthing--the kind that results in actual, actionable insights.

Too often in our industry, the word “research” means a hefty presentation deck filled with granular data points and some interesting finds. But just because a PowerPoint has 100 slides doesn’t mean it has actionable answers.  

At Nebo, we take a human-centered approach to research. That means using the best minds and technology in the industry to dig deep into your data, reading between the numbers to find your customers’ dreams, desires and problems--and what your brand can do to make their lives a little better. 

Services and Specialties

  • Customer & Stakeholder Interviews Customer & Stakeholder Interviews
  • Focus Groups Focus Groups
  • Survey Design Survey Design
  • Persona & Customer Journey Mapping Persona & Customer Journey Mapping
  • Competitive & Industry Research Competitive & Industry Research
  • Reporting Reporting
  • Data Visualization Data Visualization
  • Analytics & Data Integration Analytics & Data Integration
  • Predictive Modeling Predictive Modeling
  • Campaign Concepting Campaign Concepting