Surviving Short Term Success with Endurance

  1. I was checking out some pictures on Todd Huffman's Flickr account and saw he wrote something very quotable beneath one of his pictures. (Todd works with the FabLab for technology in Afghanistan)        
    Afghans are not impressed with might, but they do respect endurance.

    In light of the current economic crisis it has become increasingly clear that size is not equivalent with success. What you do today effects the brand tomorrow. While size does not imply a successful strategy, cutting spending now may not be a good idea

    For brands to be successful today, and in the future, it is crucial to act with endurance. This doesn't necessarily mean spending less. It means building the brand with a long term strategy in mind. Controversial may work in the short term to gain attention, but it will have an effect on the brand long term that may not be aligned with it's positioning.

Written by Chris Allison on April 23, 2009


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Written by
Chris Allison