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Have you ever wondered why sporks never made it into sophisticated culture? In my opinion, they really do make for a better tool than using both a fork and a spoon. So why haven't they grabbed more than the cheap and efficient market? I think sporks need to tell a different story.

When it comes to food, people have established a connection between convenience and poor quality. What needs to happen for sporks to become a part of proper etiquette is a culture shift. Good food doesn't have to be complicated and enjoyable dining doesn't require a whole set of silver.

Enter Spork. Spork is an upscale San Fransisco restaurant that serves a variety of pasta, seafood, steak and fine wines all served with a spork. You can read their story here.

It's funny that a restaurant is telling the story that spork companies should be telling. Depositioning the competition would be a simple matter of crafting a few campaigns focused around the inconvenience of traditional fork/spoon dining sets. The big problem here is that spork companies are accepting the story their customers are creating for them rather than proactively taking part in the conversation and helping shape [not control] the story.

Have a different take on why we don't use sporks more at nice restaurants or have some insight on brand stories? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Chris Allison on May 24, 2009


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Here here! The Spork is a sophisticated and elegant tool and it should have a reputation to match. Too many people think "Taco Bell" when they see a Spork, when they should be thinking "Wow! What a great idea!"

Written by
Chris Allison