From Analytics to Digital Discrimination: Our Most Shared Blogs of 2012

This year, we've published over 70 posts on the Nebo blog covering everything from the history of french fries to the same-sex marriage controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A. Our goal is to write content that engages and fuels intelligent discussions. If we can work in a fast food tie-in, great.

Internally, we like to track how many social shares each post receives. It helps us learn which topics people find interesting, which ones are duds, and which of our writers deserve promotions (just kidding).

Looking back at our most-shared posts from 2012, we can glean more than a few insights into our audience and how we can better engage them in 2013.


This post sparked strong opinions and drew in possibly our most eclectic audience of the year, with the link being shared by several, um, “niche” sites. Looking back, we probably should have written more posts about the creative process. That’s definitely what made this pose so popular. [view post]


The AJC Reach has been a hot-button topic in Atlanta for a long time, and it seemed residents were eager for another opportunity to vent. The lesson? Inviting people to voice an opinion on a hotly debated issue is a great way to ignite conversation. [view post]


2012 was a big year for analytics. Seemingly every time we mentioned it, experts from all over the web were quick to chime in. Some of this blog’s best discussions have taken place in the comments sections of our analytics posts. This post also got a boost by offering analysis on the biggest current event of the year: the election. [view post]


The power of analytics strikes again. Many people commented on this comparison post either agreeing with our analysis or pointing out some things that we had missed. This is a post we may look to expand upon early in 2013. [view post]


Another hot button issue tackled with honesty and raw numbers. This post drew a lot of opinions, and even though it's focused on marketing, it's also applicable to a wide variety of other industries. The lesson? It’s okay to stray from your niche to tackle an important subject. [view post]


Here we are again with analytics. People just never got tired of talking about it, as the discussion seemed to change course from month to month as capabilities evolved. [view post]


When Nebo gave an iPad 3 to every team member to help build a better understanding of the multi-device world, the story quickly made its way through social channels. Maybe people shared the post with their bosses hoping to inspire similar generosity? Let us know if it worked! [view post]


The first in our Brands We Admire series, highlighting some of the attributes that make New Belgium such an upstanding and outstanding company, got a thumbs up from many of our readers. We bet a lot of them had been fans of New Belgium beer without knowing the fascinating story of the company behind it. [view post]


This unbiased breakdown of why the seemingly popular T-SPLOST referendum ultimately failed at the polls this fall generated lots of discussion about why political movements sometimes fall flat on their faces. [view post]


Our plea for the fortunate to do more than just be thankful this holiday season was warmly received. Another example of venturing outside the blog’s comfort zone to address a worthy issue. [view post]


Written by Evan Porter on December 27, 2012


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