Inside the SEO Mind

While we love our SEO specialists, and they really don’t think like this (at least we hope they don’t), we wanted to have some fun and help non-SEO people understand the SEO mind.

Links 24/7

Links - The currency by which all value is measured.

Campaign – Brilliant and innovative ways to convince people we are worthy of their links.

Project plan – Step-by-step guide describing how and when we will get links. Keeps my SEOMoz blog reading time in check.

Infographic - Graphical way to get links.

Article – Great way to share our client’s knowledge, and of course, pick up a quality link.

Whitepaper – Excellent excuse to learn more about how tire rubber is synthesized. Oh, also a quality asset for serious, informational linking.

Social media – Meeting and discussion space for those who don’t know about 4chan.

Contest – A competition to give us links.

Quizzes – Introspection! And links, of course.

Web applications or tools – A favorite way to try to get links. Lets me work with my secret crush, the developer.

Scholarships – Way to get .edu links. Also helpful for poor SEO specialists in a down economy.



Designers - Our frenemies. Let’s just say we agree to disagree about the most important function of a website.

Developers – Buddies! We could chat for hours with these friends and allies about the best way to code, and they are our key to getting recommendations implemented correctly.

PPC Specialists – Smart people who don’t understand links, and buy keywords instead of ranking for them organically. Good people, just slightly misguided.

Sales people – Our translators. People that explain SEO to the masses so we can help new clients. Of course, they always leave out the really interesting stuff.

Web Analysts – Really, really cool colleagues. They have our back.


Website Stuff

Site map – The best food for spiders other than flies.

Website Copy – A creative challenge. No seriously, we have to challenge creative to let us put copy with keywords in it on the page.

Meta Keywords – Something completely useless that clients continue to ask about, and spam the hell out of.

Schema – Something we bring up to clients, project managers, and developers, but consistently ignore.

Internal linking structure – The glue that binds us all together, and helps Google find your site.

Wireframe Process – A critical deliverable. Makes SEO easier if this stage is done right.  Please involve us here. Please!  How many times do we have to ask??


Search Engines

Google – The cool kid who has all the best, newest toys - like the popular kid from high school who everyone wanted in their inner circle.

Bing – The backup friend. We’ll hang out with it if nobody better is available, or if Google hurt our feelings recently.

Yahoo – That kid who used to be cool, but then had a really embarrassing public accident that nobody will ever forget.

WolframAlpha – The loner we all want to impress, but secretly know they have no idea who we are.


Written by Brett Snyder on July 10, 2012


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oddk says:

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Rose says:

Hilarious! I can't wait to share with the fiance - I'm in SEO and he's in PPC.

I LOVE this! 'Cause it doesn't make SEOs sound like we just totally hate everybody else. We really don't! Sometimes we just feel like nobody understands us. ;)

Very clever, NEBO!

Written by
Brett Snyder