It's Not Venture Capitalism. It's Venture Collaboration.

Humanity is at its best when people work together with a shared sense of purpose and a shared goal. We've seen it over and over again: when diverse groups of people come together, they accomplish amazing things.

But it's important to provide room for the individual. Each of us has unique talents and ideas, and many of us strive to be the best at what we do. Without room for individual expression, we would accomplish nothing.

And There's the Catch


How do you harness the power of the collective without silencing the voices of individuals? Luckily, we have a great model to work from:

The political and economic systems our country was founded on represent this synergy flawlessly. It's a perfect harmony of community and individual.

But things have changed over the past several decades, especially in the business world. The scale has tipped too far in the wrong direction. The balance between employer and employee has been thrown. The gap between those with resources and those without has widened.

It used to be that almost anyone with a great idea could bootstrap a business. And maybe they'd fail, but at least they had the opportunity. Now, the fates of these would-be entrepreneurs so often rest in the hands of hungry VCs. They're the ones with the resources to launch a business, and they're the ones that get the profit when one succeeds.

Which Brings Us to Nebo


As we've written before, we were founded as more revolution than business. We strongly believe that doing great work that we're proud of—work that makes our team and our clients happy—trumps profit any day.

But we frequently see others that are stuck on the opposite side of that equation. We meet firms or individuals that have great passion and great ideas but no resources to bring those ideas to life.

So we decided to do something about it by launching an Anti-VC initiative. We want to become an outlet for people with great ideas, passion, and hunger. We want to help them accomplish amazing things.

Today, our newest venture went live: Nebo Ignite

How Nebo Ignite Will Be Different


We’re not interested in giving budding entrepreneurs money and sending them on their way. Nebo Ignite will take an active role in helping them build their vision from the ground up.

Instead of supplying funding and resources in exchange for a healthy share of the profits, Nebo Ignite will form mutually beneficial relationships with start-ups. We will provide services, share real-world experience and put the talent of our top-notch digital team behind your project in exchange for equity (not majority ownership).

In addition, Nebo Ignite will not solely be a partnership between the owners and the idea generators. Rather, the partnership will include the entire Nebo team. That means that every designer, developer, digital marketer and intern involved in a project will have a mutual stake in its success and a share in the rewards. This way, everyone is properly motivated through the development process to turn the dreams of the best and brightest into reality.

Big Risk, Big Rewards


Nebo Ignite may not work. We're fighting back against a broken system, and we may ultimately lose. We're trying to inject a little humanity into capitalism and to breathe a breath of fresh air into the way companies get started. We may fail.

But we'd rather try. We'd rather stand up for the things that we believe in—the beliefs that Nebo was founded on—even if it means we risk falling flat on our face.

If you're on board, we'd love to work with you. Come pitch us your next big idea.

Written by Kimm Lincoln on June 25, 2013


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