Is It Stuffy in Here? We Could Use a Vent!

We’re generally happy people at Nebo. We like each other. We have a fun, funky office and the work we do can be pretty cool. It’s a good life.

However, it’s not all daisies and roses and Kumbaya up in here. We spend a lot of time together and occasionally the irreverent charm that makes us good marketers can also cause some inter-office friction.

We’re a quirky bunch, but we’re close.

So instead of corporate retreats and trust exercises in hotel ballrooms, we rib each other to ease the tension. A lot. And we make fun of other people. It brings us together and it makes us feel good. Don’t let our bright smiles fool you... we get annoyed and we shit on people for silly reasons just like you do. It’s not their fault, but like hell that’s going to stop us.

What follows is the all-inclusive list of Nebo Pet Peeves That Are Likely Reflections of Internal Character Flaws But We Will Vehemently Blame On Others Anyway.

  • People who were taught to always look you in the eye.
  • People who stop at a blinking yellow light.
  • People who use periods and punctuation inconsistently in presentations
  • People who leave used pods in the Keurig.
  • People who insist their company name must be spelled in all lower case.
  • People who pee on the floor.
  • People who close the door after leaving a bathroom causing me to think it’s occupied.
  • People who use an email address.
  • People who ask if you have a job interview when you wear a tie.
  • People who don’t remember your name (even though you don’t remember theirs).
  • People who say you have cat hair all over your pants.
  • People who still get excited when Uptown Funk comes on.
  • People who don’t like good music just because it’s popular.
  • People who Gchat me when I’m sitting next to them.
  • People who bother me in person instead of Gchatting.
  • People who think their pet peeves give them a right to be a jerk.
  • People who are smarter/funnier/better looking than us.
  • People who make annoyingly long lists.

Ah! Doesn’t that feel better? Now back to the happy, peaceful, puppy-filled life of a marketer.

Written by Drew Grossman on June 25, 2015


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Written by
Drew Grossman