Fads and Failures: The Foundation for Innovation

It seems like there's something new on the internet everyday. The phrase "have you seen this?" was never used as much as it is today. It's a time full of exciting things. But, in the midst of these new services, many of them failing, it's hard not to be cynical about online trends. "It's dead" or "It's a fad"  reflects how many people feel about any online phenomenon. But, even when something has seen it's last good use, or is really just a fad, it still contributes to the big picture.

Services like Twitter, Digg, and Sidewiki may or may not establish a lasting presence on the web. Then again, neither did many of the search engines that paved the way for Google.

Passing trends and failed businesses hold valuable lessons. Not every service lasts, but the ideas they introduce are the foundation for future innovation.

Written by Chris Allison on October 20, 2009


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Written by
Chris Allison