Digital Dog Adoption Drive: Octane's Story

Sometimes it seems like animals can sniff out Nebo Agency employees, knowing we could never turn our backs on any creature in distress. That seemed like the case with Octane, a loveable dog with a delicate condition who found its way over to our offices a few months ago.

Our resident SEM dynamic duo, Jenn Vickery and Emily McClendon, were performing their usual daily routine. They met at the office, then walked next door to the local coffee shop, Octane. But instead of enjoying some iced coffee in the warm summer heat, they were greeted by a mangled, dehydrated dog with splotchy fur who was scared, panting frantically.

We’d gone through this routine before with other animals in the area. After looking for his owner or anyone who knew where the dog may have come from, they brought him over to the Nebo office in their best attempt to comfort him and called the Atlanta Humane Society. However, seeing the dog in such dire straights, our CEO, Brian, took the dog to his neighborhood vet. There we discovered that Octane was in even worse shape than we knew; he had stage one heart worms.

Octane spent the next month at the vet, being cared for and monitored. While there, he began to slowly bounce back, regaining his health, and then his spirits. The vets commented that, despite being in rough shape initially, he was a very warm and loving dog. They recommended he rest a little bit longer to give him time to heal.

After bringing him back to the office from his vet stay, he immediately became part of the Nebo family. Different people in our office looked after him a day or two at a time and made sure he took his heart medicine. They enjoyed the company of a dog with more fight and heart in him than we realized when we first found him.

A dog we now call Octane, after the coffee shop at which he was found, who before was all fur and bones, is now a rather meaty specimen, with a big head and even bigger heart. After everything he’s been through, he's finally able to run, jump, and play free, making friends with every canine and human he meets. And where is the adorable dog now? Well, he was taken in by one of the people who first found him - Jenn Vickery and her boyfriend, Andrew, are Octane's new, and very proud, owners.

Just like the dogs featured in our Digital Dog Adoption Drive, and in shelters across the country, Octane wasn’t in the best condition when we found him. However, this didn’t make him any less of the perfect pet. Not every dog will be the cute pup in the pet store window, but they still deserve a nice home with a good family. They’ll return the favor and be just as good to you. Even if you can’t care for a pet yourself, we encourage you to tell friends and family looking for a family mascot to consider giving an older dog a new lease on life.

Written by Ken Hammond on November 8, 2011


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Written by
Ken Hammond