Pet Rescue Week Continued: The Ballad of Bandito

This week Nebo is sponsoring a digital dog adoption and we're focusing on pet rescue stories from our office.

Today's story is about a little kitten named Bandito. As ridiculous, cliché, and romantic as it seems, sometimes cats really do get stuck in trees. Just ask our president, Adam, who was in disbelief when he found his cat, Bandito.

One day he heard a kitten meowing outside his condo patio. He figured the sound must be coming from inside a dumpster down below. So he went down to the dumpster and used Animal Rescue Tactic #1 (Food) to lure the beast out of hiding. But to no avail. Not even the promise of treats was enough to convince the kitten it was safe to come out, wherever he was.

Adam then called for his wife to help, who quickly pointed out that while he was looking down, he should be looking up. And there he was, frail Bandito, crying in a tree just outside their patio.

Adam climbed up and rescued the starving and flea ridden little kitten. He and his wife nursed him back to health and gave him a home. Now Bandito spends his days playing with his fellow kitty, Nakata (the orange tabby pictured above), getting dressed in ridiculous costumes by Adam’s wife, Alison, and enjoying the warmth and love that comes with having a family.

Of course, not every animal is lucky enough to have such a happy ending. Some end up fending for themselves in the streets, or in places that really aren’t concerned with their well-being. It is our hope that more animals, whether they like wearing clothes are not, find the home of their dreams, like Bandito. You too can play hero by supporting your local charities by volunteering, donating, and of course, finding a place in your heart and home for a worthy animal.

Written by Ken Hammond on November 9, 2011


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@Kimm -- Nakata is a giant. Our vet calls him 'a magnificent beast'

Kimm says:

Is Nakata a giant or is Bandito just really tiny? Or both!?

Christie says:

Bandito and Nakata are the BEST!!

Written by
Ken Hammond