Celebrating America's Fruited Plains

Happy Independence Day! Though it’s raining in many parts of our great nation, the spirit of the Fourth of July and all the summer splendor it brings is alive and well. Even if your cookout plans have been put on the backburner, the bounty of summer is still there for the taking. Fireworks, barbecues and pool parties are great, but they can wait. We thought we’d pay homage to one thing no summer would be complete without that can be enjoyed any time: watermelons.

They’re delicious; they’re nutritious; and the best part is that you can eat nothing but watermelons all summer long. We’re holding a watermelon carving contest and even created a graphic so you can learn about this versatile vegetable (that’s right). So kick back and soak up those summertime blues with a juicy slice of freedom.

Written by Keeper of the Light on July 3, 2013


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Keeper of the Light