Can We Get an iPhone that Solves Problems Again?

Picture it:  June 29, 2007.

Steve Jobs, decked out in his patented mom jeans, released an innovative device that revolutionized the way we live and work by combining multiple things into one simple phone. Today, while Apple continues to improve on the iPhone and create new products like the Apple Watch, nothing has had the wow factor of that first device.

It’s not that hard to pull out a credit card versus using Apple Pay. Updates to the camera are so minute that it doesn’t matter. And, while the Apple Watch looks really sweet, it feels more like a grandiose want rather than a need. In short, it’s nothing that’s going to change the way I live and work like the iPhone Uno.

While I have complete faith in the team in Cupertino to once again rock my world, I have a few ideas of my own on how Apple could improve the lives of many iPhone users:

  • Dog poop is the bane of many a pet owner’s existence. Wouldn’t it be a boon to Apple if the iPhone had a point and click poop and scoop feature?
  • What about an iWing Man? While Siri is great, phones today should cross over from the personal assistant category into trusted friend territory. It could save me from embarrassing myself when I’ve had one too many, or hitting on women who only look attractive under strobe lights. We could give the feature a cool name like Goose from Top Gun.
  • People have a million and one things they have to worry about in the morning, from packing all their electronic devices, to getting the kids and the dogs ready for school. How about a feature that lets me know if I forget my lunch?
  • While Google Maps has cornered the market on navigating around the world, can we get an iPhone feature that lets you navigate through a crowded bar? Give me a crowd control app that helps me bypass baby strollers and pick the faster line at the grocery store.
  • How about more options to direct calls? Instead of just sending people to voicemail, can I send telemarketers through an endless loop of connecting calls? Can I have a “stand in” that just nods and agrees when I’m arguing with my wife?
  • The alarm clock really hasn’t changed much since it was created. It rings, you hit snooze and go to sleep, trying to figure out what you still have time to do in the morning. What about an alarm that lets you know what you are sacrificing every time you hit snooze? It will inform you whether you no longer have time to take a shower, brush your teeth or if you are about to be fired.

While other smart phones may have newer features, the iPhone is still the best bet for my money. I don’t know how I would live without it. But I can’t help but wonder what else it could do to make my life and the lives of every other iPhone owner even better. It’s time for Apple to “Think Different” again. I’ve always admired the company for their human-centered design. It’s time to put that type of thinking to work on creating new features that improve lives, instead of iterating on current features and keeping up with the competition.

Written by Ken Hammond on September 11, 2014


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Congratulations, Ken! I didn't realize you got married.

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