Brains and Bagels: AdWords

There's a new tradition at NeboWeb, and it combines our three greatest passions -- food, thinking, and the web -- all into one exciting weekly morning get together. Each week we'll be having a "Brains and Bagels" cross-functional training session to keep our colleagues educated on the various workings of the office, and we'll treat ourselves to some bagels too, because, well mainly just because we like bagels.

This week's Brains and Bagels session incorporated a high level overview of PPC marketing mixed with a more detailed introduction to creating a successful AdWords campaign. The goal of these sessions is to raise awareness in various departments on what the other departments are doing. That being said, this presentation isn't aimed at PPC marketers, but rather designers, developers, copywriters etc. If that sounds like you, or you're just interested in PPC marketing, enjoy!

Written by Kimm Lincoln on December 22, 2009


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