Apathy Never Lasts

Iran is currently undergoing a revolution. If you want to read more about it check out Twitter. (Media is also undergoing a revolution. Draw the parallels, yadda yadda.) I'm not going to talk about how the web is changing everything. I just want to point out an observation about the Iranian situation. It isn't news to the Iranian people that their government hasn't been ideal, but they've been apathetic, and too tired, to rise up and do something about it. This is the tipping point.

Apathetic customers won't stand idly either. The benefits of exposure and branding rely on a foundation of innovation and differentiation. Consistency is great. It's important in a market strategy. Consistency helps build familiarity, trust, and attraction -- it builds brands. But if your customers are growing apathetic, you have to initiate change. Apathy never lasts, it always culminates in a change. The only question is who will initiate the change.

Written by Chris Allison on June 15, 2009


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Written by
Chris Allison