Adult Field Day = Everybody Wins

Field Day

Working remotely has its perks, but there are some experiences that just aren’t the same over Zoom. We’ve faithfully practiced even the smallest traditions to get the most out of our human-centered culture through a two-year global pandemic, like terribly singing Happy Birthday together at every Beer Friday meeting. Still, there’s no substitute gathering and there’s certainly no way to create a virtual version of our (infamous) annual holiday party.

Over the years, we’ve finished strong, donned our finest attire and Ubered to the coolest venues to celebrate spending another year together in the marketing trenches — and every year, we walked away with fond memories and legendary stories. For the last two years, COVID has crashed our party plans.

But here’s the thing: at Nebo, we never miss a holiday party. We’re marketers, so if that means we have to schedule it in the spring, we were delighted to get creative and rise to the occasion.

A holiday party in the middle of May is unconventional, to say the least. Instead of spiked eggnog and glittery gowns, we met our unusual circumstances with an unusual party. Let it be known to all that from all corners of the US, Nebo employees reported to HQ at the MET Atlanta, confidently laced up our sneakers, grabbed a cold Capri-sun and endeavored an official Nebo Field Day. 

In true Nebo spirit, our crew traveled from L.A. to Midtown, breaking out sweatbands and gym shorts to celebrate our first big bash in over two years. We competed in cornhole, cup stacking and an intense game of musical chairs that many of us are still recovering from. It was invigorating to get back to our ultra-competitive roots for a day of fun with our Nebo Family.

From holiday parties to wondering if we’ll ever learn how to properly hit the unmute button on the first try, we’re still working out what it means to work in a hybrid world. That means we’re committed to new layers of support and flexibility. It means we’ll always have to get a little more creative when we want to enjoy face-to-face time IRL. One thing’s for sure: we got this one right.


Written by Jenn Vickery on June 3, 2022


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Written by
Jenn Vickery
Senior Vice President, Marketing