Best Ads of Summer 2012

With fall kicking into full gear, bringing cold weather and football, our office decided to reminisce on some of our favorite ads from Summer 2012. Check out our top ads, and tells us about some of your favorites!

Seattle Children's Hospital

Our favorite ad of 2012, technically, isn't an ad. However, we felt that the Seattle Children's Hospital did an incredible job of creating an inspirational video. A great concept doesn't need a huge budget. Just a powerful message, a little creativity, and emotional resonance.


Coke took our preconceived notions about hidden cameras, and turned it into a celebration of the human spirit. 




Why should cats have all the fun? In this ad from Diesel, they turn dogs in sunglasses into fashionistas.

P & G London 2012

P & G's Olympic ad touched us with it's dedication to our favorite person in the whole wide world: Mom.

ESPN Sportscenter

ESPN pulled the curtain back and showed us what Senior Correspondent John Clayton is really like off-camera. This hilarious spoof went viral overnight.


Comcast took a clever jab at competitor DirecTV's "fairy" commercials.


This great commercial from Sprint beautifully captured the family dynamic and jam-packed its run-time with jokes.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings played on every 20-something's biggest fear: getting older. This hilarious ad takes a look at what happens when you wake up and suddenly realize your friends all have kids.

Written by Evan Porter on September 26, 2012


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Barbara says:

Yeah it's a real old one re-shot and re-issued but the MEOW-MEOW-MEOW-MEOW makes me laugh every time. Wonder why?

JC says:

Our new favorite is the perpetually redundant staff meeting, interrupted by disturbing news from competitor 5th 3rd Bank. "What? What?"

This Nike spot is probably my favorite in a while:

Eric Van Fossen says:

This is a highly conventional - and by that I mean wonderfully crafted- commercial for the Nexus 7 from Google
And Google's stuff, overall, is like Hollywood studio quality fare these days. Highly watchable - never over-written or visually over-wrought.
I give Directv high marks for using John Cleese during the Olympic Games and thereby going "English" (or Anglo) without getting lost in the wash of all the other Olympian efforts. This has so many little bits and gags it's practically Wes Anderson-ian.

Written by
Evan Porter