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The Atlanta Ad Club recently celebrated Oktoberfest by sharing some of the most infamous beer commercials from around the world. Below are some of the most notable ads from the event. Tell us which ones you love, and share with us some of your personal fave beer commercials over the years.

Guinness - Ireland

Guinness inspires child like awe and wonder in this clip about a cloud, cleverly linking back to one of the most iconic aspects of the bubbly brew.

Carlton Draught - Australia

This commercial is a funny, quirky play on the classic 80's movie chase seen, complete with buddy humor, cheesy rock music, and, of coure, the impossible, cliffhanger get-away.

Castlemaine - Australia

I think we've seen this beer ad copied a million times. However, none of the clones capture the gritty, dry humor of the original.

Tafel Lager - Africa

Beer is more than just a drink but a symbol of shared goals, dreams, culture and brotherhood. This ad from Tafel Lager perfectly captures that feeling.

Amstel Lager - Europe

Beer is not only a symbol of commonality among men, but also our faith in each other. Amstel brings this to life in a touching tale of trust, hope and perseverance. And, of course, shared victory.

Carlsberg - Europe

Carlsberg tests the intestinal fortitude of movie goers in this stunt commercial.

Norte - Argentina

Norte provides the men of Argentina with the perfect excuse to ditch their girlfriends for a night of drinking, in a smart and socially conscious campaign.

Sapporo - Japan

Intense battle. Matrix slo-mo moves. Flawless Victory. Is this a new kung fu movie? Video game? Nope. Just a beer ad about a ping pong match.

Written by Ken Hammond on October 29, 2012


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