20 Feel-Good Ads that Will Make You Smile

It’s been an eventful, stressful and divisive couple of weeks year, and all we can say is - we really wish we could buy the world a Coke right now. But since we can’t do that, we’re doing the next best thing: rewatching all of our favorite feel-good ad campaigns and sharing them with you.

Here to restore your faith in humanity are twenty heartwarming ads featuring puppies and horses, unexpected organ donors and a Coke machine designed to spread joy. These ads are a reminder of the power of advertising to make us laugh, cry, and most importantly, to bring us together.

1. 5 Gum - No Regrets

2.  Budweiser - Fathers Who Stepped Up

3. Donate Life - The World’s Biggest Asshole

4. Coca-Cola - Small World Machine

Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India & Pakistan Together from Coke Pakistan on Vimeo.

5. Google - Loretta

6. Budweiser - Puppy Love

7. Slinky - It’s Slinky!

8. Nike - Dream Crazier

9. Dove - Real Beauty Sketches

10. Seattle Children's Hospital - Stronger

11. GoPro for a Cause - Gorilla Tickling at the GRACE Center 

12. Uber - Thank You for Not Riding

13. Kohl’s - Give with All Your Heart

14. Planters - Perfume

15. Cox - One Call A Day

16. Amazon UK - The Show Must Go On 

17. P&G - Thank You, Mom

18. Publix - Together for the Holidays

19. Budweiser - Buds Check On Buds

20. Tide - It’s a Tide Ad

Written by Chelsie Rivera on November 13, 2020


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Written by
Chelsie Rivera
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