New Rule: One Meeting Per Day

Over the last three weeks, I've noticed a decrease in my productivity. Instead of accomplishing two big tasks off of my to-do list and multiple small tasks each day, I've only been averaging a single large task each day. As I mapped back my performance to my calendar, I noticed an immediate correlation between my productivity and the number of meetings I participated in that day. Any day with more than one meeting resulted in a decrease of my productivity by more than half. Even if it was only two meetings, my productivity plummeted.

Now, we've never been a meeting-centric organization, but I do end up getting pulled into a lot of unnecessary meetings. So moving forward, I'm implementing a new rule for myself. I'll only participate in one scheduled meeting per day (not including lunch).

Is it possible to be President of a company and not get stuck in non-stop meetings every day? I guess we'll just have to find out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Written by Adam Harrell on June 16, 2010


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LOL. Only if you submit the request in writing, 3 weeks prior to be reviewed by the neboweb meeting review commission. At that point the request will either be granted, or tabled for discussion. With any luck, we'll discuss mid-august.

James says:

Can we schedule a meeting about this new rule? Perhaps run it by the committee?

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Adam Harrell