Inside the Project Manager Mind

We love our project managers, and just like the glimpse we gave into the Web Analyst's minds, we also wanted to give everyone a better idea of how project managers really view their surroundings.


Sales people - Ambitious people that may need guidance so that I am not handed anything that is oversold. Sometimes have unrealistic timelines.

Designers - Talented people who for some reason can’t make their creativity fit nicely with my project plans.

Developers - Another set of talented people who help make up for schedule overruns caused by designers, but find ways to create delays of their own.

User experience team - Specialize in drawing boxes on pages.

Account planners - Amazing people who don’t understand mutual dependencies.

My boss - Views projects as successful only if they are on time and under budget. May not know the definition of dependencies.

SEO specialists - Strange group that battles designers and creative team.

PPC specialists - Colleagues who specialize in needing landing pages after the site has launched. Also, always want last minute tracking codes everywhere.


Other Folks

Client who wants my deadlines no matter what, but doesn't hold to his - This person may need to be reminded of cause and effect.

Client who changes his mind on approved deliverables - Someone who needs to get used to the phrase "not in scope."

Drop-in-mid-project CEO - Someone who needs to be brought in at the beginning so this kind of thing doesn't happen.


Day Makers & Breakers

On time project - The great white whale.

Holiday & vacation days - Can ruin my neat project plans, but likely keep the teams from going nuts.

Immediate creative approval - Project gains extra days, I lose the panic and anxiety that come with waiting around.

True client partnerships - When we're embraced and deferred to as experts in our field. Brings a smile to my face.


Written by Lee DeHihns on August 29, 2012


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Written by
Lee DeHihns