The Origin of Good Eats: Julia Child, Mr. Wizard & Monty Python

I'm always fascinated by how people express their entrepreneurial vision, and recently I came across a great example from the TV personality, Alton Brown.

Alton Brown got started like most entrepreneurs. He didn't like something and thought he could do it better. In his case, the object of his scorn was cooking shows. To Alton, cooking shows were boring and didn't teach the scientific foundations of cooking. So he started thinking about doing his own cooking show.

The first thing he did was define his vision. He wrote down three names: Julia Child, Mr. Wizard & Monty Python. His show would be part Cooking Show, part Science Class and part Sketch Comedy Show.

This simple, concrete vision allowed him to create some of the most unique television around. There's power in creating a simple vision that's easily communicated and understood. Forget the sky high mission statements and take a lesson from Alton Brown, if you can't communicate your vision in a simple statement, there's a good chance that it won't be fulfilled.

Written by Adam Harrell on October 16, 2009


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Adam Harrell