From Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to Reinventing PR: The Top 10 Posts of 2017

2017 was a big year for us. We called for the reinvention of an industry, went public with NeboCMS, and published our first post in another language (if you count emojis as a language). And that was just on the Nebo blog.

It’s no secret we use the blog to blast our thoughts into the universe. We talk about our industry and pop culture, the things we love and the things we hate. It’s our opportunity to write about what interests us, without the weight of client expectations or KPIs to live up to. So every week, we publish a new post about email marketing, open letters to our coworkers, or why it’s important to have fun.

And, based on the numbers, you all actually care about what we have to say.

With the help of a top secret and very complicated algorithm — taking into account things like views, engagement, and how many times it was talked about in the office kitchen — we narrowed down the 54 blog posts of 2017 to only the best of the best. (And maybe a few personal favorites because this is our list, damn it, and we’ll do what we want with it.)

Our top 10 posts tell the story of what was important to us this year. These are the ones that made us laugh, inspired us, and helped us understand things like AI and programmatic advertising. And we hope they did the same for you, too.

10. 17 Things We Can Do to Bring Back the Golden Age of Advertising (or at Least Make It Less Terrible)

9. Can Artificial Intelligence Make Marketing More Human?

8. The Story Behind the Evolution and Revolution of NeboCMS

7. I Thought Marketers Were Evil...And Then I Became One

6. The Most American Story of All Time

5. Reinventing Public Relations

4. Redesigning LaCroix

3. Can Emojis Save the Most Hated Blog of All Time?

(And a sentence-by-sentence breakdown, in case you don't speak emoji.)

2. Nebo's Guide to Programmatic Advertising...Disneyfied

1.Why We Shave Our Legs: From Sex to Sexism

Written by Cassandra Kaye on December 28, 2017


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Cassandra Kaye