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In our five years, we've worked with quite a few startups. We love to watch their progression and to see them grow. Over the past two years we've been working with, a sports card valuation site. We overhauled the brand, gave consultation on the business model, redesigned the website & the application interface, and are about to launch a new pricing engine for them.

So we were extremely pleased to see them featured on TechCrunch's homepage. Congrats to the team! We look forward to your continued success!

CardPricer Covered by TechCrunch

Quick side note: we've always been curious about what the value of a TechCrunch mention means in terms of traffic. Since this gives us the perfect opportunity to test, we'll be following up with a blog post next week outlining the "TechCrunch Effect", so stay tuned...

Written by Adam Harrell on February 17, 2009


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