Bang a Gong!

Every time Nebo launches a new website, we hit our gong. It is loud. And no matter how many times we launch a new site, the gong always startles us.

Clearly, ringing the gong is a celebration of another finished site, another achievement by our award-winning design and development teams. But we also ring it to celebrate work that is easy to take for granted.

A website launch is unlike most deliverables. You can’t touch it, feel it, or handle it. You can’t pick it up and show it off. You click a button, it instantaneously goes live, and life moves on.

Obviously, there are emotional rewards from hearing clients rave about the design, user experience, and features. But switching the DNS to make a site go live can be rather anticlimactic.

So…we make the intangible tangible. One of the essential ways any organization builds culture is through tradition and ritual. Hitting the gong not only crystallizes the achievement resulting from the tremendous hard work of many long weeks and months, but the ring also becomes another one of those unique Nebo culture moments.

I think it’s safe to say we all look forward to the gong ringing to celebrate our team’s great work. Even if it’s a bit startling!

Written by Kevin Howarth on September 21, 2011


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@Amy -- Don't limit yourself to a dinner bell. I say go full on cowbell.

Amy says:

My boss blows a conch shell when we acquire a new client. He would like the gong idea, but I'm not going to tell him about it... or give him the pleasure of startling us any more than he already does! ;)

Maybe I could hang a dinner bell in my office and ring it every time I get a new #1 keyword or something. I'm just the only one who gets excited about it!!

Matt says:

Somewhere Marc Bolan is smiling.

I think search campaigns can and should use the gong.

Kimm says:

What about the achievement of launching search campaigns?! : )

Written by
Kevin Howarth