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Meghan Smith
Senior Copywriter
November 5, 2019

The One About Slack Ruining Productivity

Twenty-three minutes and 15 seconds. That’s the length of a “Friends” episode — and also how long it takes to refocus after being interrupted, according to widely supported research by the University of California.

Enter Slack. 

Slack, a team collaboration tool that makes it easy for us to share cat pics and ask for unscheduled things immediately, is an interruption generator. Making strides on your presentation? Not so fast. There’s a cake in the kitchen and someone has a “quick” question about a project you worked on two years ago. 

Then there are GIF important conversations about decisions GIF that will impact an entire GIF project GIF GIF peppered between jokes, so GIF silencing notifications is not GIF an option. 

How do I feel about all of this? I’m fine, in the most Ross-is-not-okay kind of way.