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Kip Bartz
Digital Project Manager
December 20, 2022

What Your Favorite Christmas Cookie Says About You

The holidays mean something different for everyone. You may be excited about reuniting with family and expressing gratitude, while setting unobtainable goals for the new year. Maybe you’re the kind of person that uses Christmas as a perfect excuse to gift everyone that one thing you bought once and loved so much that you now take it upon yourself to be a personal spokesperson because you KNOW they will love it too. (That’s a shoutout to myself. Daring Greatly by Brenée Brown, 2017. No recipient has read it...yet. But they will. And they’ll love it.) 

However, or why-ever you celebrate Christmas, there's one thing that defines this time of the year that we can all agree on. Loosen your belts and pop some tums, y’all. I’m talking about Christmas Cookies.