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April Fiek
January 19, 2018

Why Project Managers Have to PM Everything, Even Their Life: Travel Edition

Project management is not only found at the office but in your everyday life. As an avid traveler who has watched over 25 hours of Rick Steves on PBS, I’ve learned that trip planning isn’t a simple task. Planning a vacation can be as complex as facilitating a client project. To enjoy and get the most out of your trip, it requires extensive planning and research beforehand. Remember, trips are an investment, so putting forth the due diligence will absolutely pay off.

Of course, I’m a type-A project manager who, in all honesty, gets anxiety just typing the word “unknown.” But even for those who *cringe* enjoy the unknown and choose to travel on open-jaw tickets, experiencing the world wherever it takes them, you may still enjoy these trip-organizing tips and tricks.